ANBI and codes

InterActing has ANBI status (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instellingen). Donations can be deducted from income tax. On this page you will find all data that are required to be publicly available under ANBI regulations.

General Information

Postal address: Rozengracht 117, 1016LV Amsterdam

Visiting address: Rozengracht 117, 1016LV Amsterdam

Statutory Name: InterActing Foundation

RSIN or tax number: 859009026

Telefoon: 06 – 53 671 652
Algemeen e-mailadres:

The 3 Codes
InterActing subscribes to the Culture Governance Code, the Diversity & Inclusion Code and the Fair Practice Code. InterActing receives support from the Performing Arts Fund and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. Support InterActing? Send an email to business leader Saskia Maas:

The Board of InterActing consists of the following members:
Irene Koel (president)
Tomer Zakai
Alexander Jansen
Davide Tararbra

Remuneration policy of the board; board members receive no remuneration or fees. Remuneration policy of the board and staff conforms to the collective labour agreement for theatre and dance.

You can view our ANBI status here.

Rozengracht 117, 1016LV

Amsterdam RSIN: 859009026

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