Spotlight on autism

March 26th 2024

“Employing autistic people themselves is an example of true inclusivity. Not only do we invite them to the party, but we let them dance themselves.” – Professor Sander Begeer, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Put March 26th in your calendar for a wonderful afternoon full of fascinating conversations, panel discussions and presentations about creating opportunities for people with autism to become more visible in the Dutch media.

There are still prejudices and stereotypes about people with autism that keep them from being cast in films, commercials and TV shows. In today’s modern media landscape, they are virtually invisible. When they do appear, it’s often in classic “Rain Man” fashion. This limited representation perpetuates misconceptions and promotes a limited understanding of autistic people and what they are capable of.

What are the differences and shared characteristics between neurodiverse and neurotypical people? And how can this knowledge allow us to increase their inclusion in appropriate roles, even small ones, within different media productions.

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In collaboration with the Israeli Embassy in The Hague, InterActing, Amsterdam’s esteemed non-profit theater school for teens with autism, invites a group of leading speakers and panelists connected to the Dutch media landscape. The event will take place at Boom Chicago at Rozengracht 117 in Amsterdam, home of the InterActing classes and shows.

The program is in English and you can register via before October 23!

Rozengracht 117, 1016LV

Amsterdam RSIN: 859009026

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